How to fix if can’t access MySQL without SUDO?

Its happend recently after I reinstall my OS and development environment. But, I’ve fix this after search some references from many source. Now, I’ll write here so when sometimes I forgot the way, I can read this, but it’s more better if its also can help for you. Its always denied if we run the […]

Simple bruteforce to crack MD5 in Python

In a few day I learn this language. Python. I think as a high-level language Python is very complicated, but when I think like that, people say that Python is the most friendly language. So, why not try to code? Its my first program in Python. Then, you can check and modify my code (cause […]

I lost a lot of data including on this site

Dark December! I lost a lot of data because I forgot to pay the hosting bill. Fck, even though the data is very important. If you know, for this site I am always writing, and now you see, the last post is in May, this is the result of a restore from scavenging for a […]

Rendering dynamic multilevel menu in CodeIgniter

Hello, I’m Sutriman and I’ll share about web programming best practice, especially about dynamic multi menu and CodeIgniter Framework. As you know, CodeIgniter is one of the best PHP framework by EllisLab. There is so many library included in a package. In addition you can find too many library and helper in internet by thirdparty. […]

How about my MySQL Workbench Tutorial video?

I’ve been try to publish tutorial series about MySQL Workbench, one of the best SQL Client that support for all of operating system and free to use. But, as I said before that peoples more comfortable working with unlicenced paid software. Then, the most popular search in Google is not about the alternative of that […]

BEDC Principles

What is BEDC? And how its work? BEDC, is my personal motivation to learn English by doing more about English (Speaking, Writing, Listening) quickly. What is BEDC principles? BEDC, “Bad English, Don’t Care!”. I was learned English for a long long ago, but I have no progress. I was borred to read and listen tutorial […]