Magic query for table operation in SQL

Sometimes, we feel very annoyed where doing job in database management. Building apps without good database is like building a skyscraper without cement. It’s imposible, actually, although it’s posible but it’s harder to do that. Well, we agree if database is so important to building apps. If we understand that, we can be more carefull […]

Something like a lucky in the end of year

December is going fastly. I feels like a yesterday december coming, but now it’s a middle of December. December this year came with some lucky for me, but a lucky not always means we can eat a cake without doing something. This month is fully project. First, I have a project that has been done […]

Joined workshop “How To Build Secure Software: Design & Implementation Software Security Engineering”

Joined workshop “How To Build Secure Software: Design & Implementation Software Security Engineering”

This post actuacly very very late. I want to tell you about my experience joined security engineering workshop in Information Technology Training Center (ITTC), Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. We learn from Avinanta Tarigan for two days, He is Head of Center Information Security Research in Universitas Gundarma, Indonesia. If you look at the poster, we’ll think […]

Make a login process using Volley Library

Last night again I build my first Android Project after I learned with Manggala in Indonesia Android Kejar. This is my final project for the course. Actually, it does not have to be an app with extra logic and much more complicated process, beacuse in Beginner class that I have done, we just learn about […]

Mulai melangkah di Indonesia Android Kejar Batch #3 – Beginner Level

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Yep, akhirnya kerisauan jiwa yang beberapa pekan terakhir saya rasakan terjawab. Android. Begitu menarik, namun begitu pelik, seperti momok yang cantik, namun menakutkan dan susah dimengerti, wajar saja, java sebagai bahasa dasarnya mau ndak mau kudu dipelajari, padahal sejak jaman kuliah ndak terlalu suka sama bahasa yang satu ini. Sebelumnya saya juga […]