Pingin Nikah

Wahh, ini nih ūüėÄ Setelah 22 tahun lebih merasakan hidup di bumi, akhirnya sang keturunan adam ini kepingin juga menikah. What? 22?Mungkin ini impact dari beberapa minggu terakhir, pembahasan di kantor selalu saja menjurus ke perkara pernikahan. Ndak hanya dikantor, dibeberapa tempat pun juga ada aja pembahasan kesana. Secara ndak langsung, seperti ada motivasi buat […]

PHP cURL not allowed multidimentional array

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh In this case, I running on project at work, build the main portal project. The portal should use so many database from any host. We can’t build it ini one big systems, it’s not good for maintenance and the source sistem is available before. My department made Rest Api’s system to control […]

Sutriman.com Forbidden, it was deleted

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullah.. Long time no post some tutorial or just logs to keep the blog alive. You know, we have Eid Day in Syawal, so I am very bussy and have no time to just write or record something. And about my HOMEPAGE (at sutrian.com) ūüôĀ I have a trouble about it. Look at the […]

Building new starter project

Work without some rules is crazy, because we can not manage what and when something will have finish. I have a rules, “learn by history”, and know I see something beautifull if we build some project using a basic starter project. From that case, I hunt some references, and I got very beatifull modificated framework […]

Ramadhan Kareem from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia

Happy Ramadhan Mubarak to all muslims in the world. I feel so happy for this ramadhan, because now I have some jobs after my graduations. 3rd ramadhan I have been stay at Yogyakarta, where I have do my jobs. Before that, I usualy start Ramadhan and finish it: Ied with my family at Magelang, Central […]

Using Slick to build carousel easily

If you need to add beautifull carousel with easy to configure,¬†I think you want Slick. Slick is very useful plugin that use for adding carousel to our website. If you don’t know what is carousel, it’s¬†image, animations,¬†video or html markup slider located in¬†website headers. It’s not also at headers, we can add sliders anywhere we […]

Tutorial: Using HighChart on CodeIgniter project without ajax

If we would like¬†print some report¬†on CodeIgniter, we can use¬†view like tabels, and then print or export the report using¬†pdf, word, or excel document. Looking for table in the report page is fine, but¬†if you use chart to present your data, it’s look¬†better and come alive. Many charts plugin are available to download. Highcharts, is […]

Bad English? I don’t care

Hii there, now¬†I¬†walk out from programming case, and just share about how I use English for this blog, although my english is very ugly,and not so good, or you can say it’s bad. I don’t care guys. I use blog to improve my ability, to build up my skills, and English is one of them. […]

Two Types of How Programmers Learn Something

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.. How many peoples are working as programmers, they have¬†different way to learn something to improve¬†and build up their skills. I’ve cluster it to “Two Types of How Programmers Learn Something“.¬†Whats is it? Here is, I’ll describe and I’m sorry if you’ll not find this theory from another resources, its just in my […]

How to parse RSS feed from other website on PHP CodeIgniter

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah…¬†Today I’ll share about something simplicity but sometimes it’s make newbies slowdown the project. If we work with multiple website where its have some corelation, sometimes we need to parse news feed from another site. We have RSS and Atom. RSS read an xml document and today I’ll not show you how to build […]