Hello, I am Sutriman “seorang ndeso” who love Linux and Code. Magelang is my hometown, I came to Yogyakarta at 2013. And, here is my Log Archives. It’s not the profesional blog, I just write the ups and downs of my journey, and also a little notes!

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If you follow my blog lifecycle, you’ll think I am crazy. How many things happend with my Blog life. I start blogging using Blogger as my tools, and then WordPress. As a developer, I’ve been try to build my custom blog under CodeIgniter as a framework.

But, not a long day, I think it’s make me bussy with customize my blog and forget to build up my skill and learn something new. So, I use WordPress again. I think it’s very amazing tools that we can do anything simply, but also if I need something different, I can customize easily.

About my Blog hierarcy and structure, I was made a BIG modifications, so if you follow my activity, I hope you read it. As you know, in past I have many blog, and write there as the blog category. But, now I’ve just one blog, for all category. I mean, I am so bussy to do A do B about my blogs. So, ’cause I am not a profesional blogger (yet), I think it enough for me.

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