Multiple Checkbox Input in CodeIgniter

Sometimes we need to insert multiple checkbox value to our database. We also need to combine our input values with our ID to get some table relations. For example, we will auto cluster students to class A and B. So, we need to have an input form there show students username, and optional value for class A […]

Don’t use MD5 for password hashing! You can migrate to BCrypt or other stronger hashing generator

If you start to learn programming and you will set up apps with login systems, you need username and password to log into your system. Username and password, is very extremly need protection more than any data in your database. So, we need hashing algorythm to save your password safely. First, you must know HASH is […]

Upload File and Get 500 Internal Server Error in CodeIgniter 3.1.2

Are you confused with this problem? You think notthing error code, but when you submit the image form upload it did not work, and you get 500 internal server error or the server not responding. So, how to fix upload file problem in CodeIgniter uploading class? I have same problem when use CodeIgniter 3.1.2, I think it […]

Tutorial: How to Build Website use CodeIgniter and Bootstrap

This page is backup to my old logs tutorial about ” Tutorial Membuat Website dengan CodeIgniter dan Bootstrap Lengkap“. This is video screencast tutorial series, and after chapter 5, I have lost my data and this series discontinued. But don’t worry, I always share anything I know. Before begin, I assumed you know a little […]

How to set Indonesian date using PHP?

We need date format for our report, or check to customer, or something. Any legal documents need to show with date included. In my country, Indonesia, the date format have a little different with other. Format and spelling have some unique to other country. I run using PHP Framework called CodeIgniter. So, I’ll tell you how to set […]

Greged! Backup failed without notification, and I lost some table

Damen! Everiday I am not go to bed, because still do my project for have an graduation. But something not good happend today. It coming because I want to migrate from Arch Linux to Windows 7. I do web apps called ” Sistem Informasi Pembayaran Biaya Pendidikan (SIPBP)” build with CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap. Actualy […]