Preparing for TOEFL Test

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You know I’ve done with my thesis project, and I have been published my paper to an Scopus Journal. Now what? To get graduated from my college I should have TOEFL score at least 450 or above.

What kind of TOEFL that I should be taking it? My college have an institution TOEFL or sometimes its kinda like TOEFL Like test, I have to take it. But also, there is TOEFL ITP that I should be get it too.

Except both of them, I also should take an arabic test or its called TOAFL or IKLA. But I will not focus to this test.

Hope New Year will be really Happy New Year

Its hard to tell you that I’ve schedulled the test at January, 3 for institution test and Januari, 18 for the ITP test. I am scared, how if I cannot wake up because to late sleep because celebrating the new year.

But I’ve been done about this, I promised I’ll take a bed at 9 p.m. maybe. And wake up in early morning. So, it become a habits.

I bellieve that I can taking done it verry well, and get my score then I can register for my last exam.

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