How to fix: Cannot get property ‘supportLibVersion’ on extra properties extension as it does not exist

I’ll not talking too much about #HowToFix section in my logs, beacuse this is just my notes, and also mightbe helpfully for you. So, I do not care to much about SEO, and then … How to fix this problem? This problem happen because sometimes we have dependency that need supporting library. And, In my […]

Upload File and Get 500 Internal Server Error in CodeIgniter 3.1.2

Are you confused with this problem? You think notthing error code, but when you submit the image form upload it did not work, and you get 500 internal server error or the server not responding. So, how to fix upload file problem in CodeIgniter uploading class? I have same problem when use CodeIgniter 3.1.2, I think it […]