Upload File and Get 500 Internal Server Error in CodeIgniter 3.1.2

Are you confused with this problem? You think notthing error code, but when you submit the image form upload it did not work, and you get 500 internal server error or the server not responding. So, how to fix upload file problem in CodeIgniter uploading class?

I have same problem when use CodeIgniter 3.1.2, I think it should be work. I try use another version and its work. So, what the problem? Its come from the upload library from CodeIgniter system. We can change the upload library from another version. You can use this code.

Download and replace the code to /system/libraries/Upload.php file. I think its will be work. I found this solution from Stackoverflow  and I can fixed the problem. I hope you so.


_Bad english? I’m sorry 🙂

_ Sutriman