Bad English? I don’t care

Hii there, now I walk out from programming case, and just share about how I use English for this blog, although my english is very ugly,and not so good, or you can say it’s bad. I don’t care guys. I use blog to improve my ability, to build up my skills, and English is one of them.

I share anything on my youtube channel, and my blog is for free. You can learn anything from my notes, and my video, I also not use ads on this blog, I hope you feel enjoy. So, please forgive me about my bad english, you can correct me if you find something not good or false.

I still learning English, I am not go to the english class, it’s so expensive and I have no time to do that. I learn English from what I read, and what I listen. If you ask me, “What are you reading, Man?”, I am not good reader for many books, I just read some IT News or tutorial. In this case, stack overflow is my favorite online paper. It’s not about formal language, but there I find many things about IT vocab, and for sure, language is not about grammer, but language is about “You know what I mean, and I know what are you mean”, It’s very simple guys.

So, forgive me please, I promise to grow up my ability. And happy learning 🙂

_ sutriman

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