Two Types of How Programmers Learn Something

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Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh..

How many peoples are working as programmers, they have different way to learn something to improve and build up their skills. I’ve cluster it to “Two Types of How Programmers Learn Something“. Whats is it? Here is, I’ll describe and I’m sorry if you’ll not find this theory from another resources, its just in my opinion.

#1 type One

Who learn from scratch

Some programers are highly theoritical, but its good. They are learn by the basic, and grow up by the structure. For example, if you will build website using framework CodeIgniter, you’ll not take CodeIgniter first but you’ll learn PHP first because PHP is language are use for this framework. Then, you’ll learn PHP to build website, you’ll not learn PHP structural or object oriented programming, you’ll not install any web service because its to far. You’ll learn how this language work, and first code you type at your editor is “echo “Hello World!”;. That’s the first type of how programmers learn something. It’s bottom up method.

#2 type Two

Who learn from the project

If type one is bottom up method, so the type two is up to bottom method. Some Programmers learn by experience, and take the project first, and experience will teach him how to build something. Actualy, I am there, I don’t have so many times to learn, and I take the project to learn.

What’s the best one? nothing, but if you have time I suggest to learn from scratch. But if not, you can take the project and let experience teach you, but you must learn to bottom. Some programmers are learn from top, he forgot to go to bottom. In type one, you will be the best in theory and practice, but need more time than type two. Type two is simply, and i called, “Just do it!”.

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Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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