Tutorial: How to Build Website use CodeIgniter and Bootstrap

This page is backup to my old logs tutorial about ” Tutorial Membuat Website dengan CodeIgniter dan Bootstrap Lengkap“. This is video screencast tutorial series, and after chapter 5, I have lost my data and this series discontinued. But don’t worry, I always share anything I know.

Before begin, I assumed you know a little bit about CodeIgniter and Bootstap. How CodeIgniter work with MVC (Model View Controller) consept, and about bootstrap we not build our theme, just use themes already uploaded on the internet.

Chapter 1

At this chapter, you’ll need library code called Template.php, here is.

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Template {
		var $template_data = array();
		function set($name, $value)
			$this->template_data[$name] = $value;

		function load($template = '', $view = '' , $view_data = array(), $return = FALSE)
			$this->CI =& get_instance();
			$this->set('contents', $this->CI->load->view($view, $view_data, TRUE));			
			return $this->CI->load->view($template, $this->template_data, $return);

and here is the chapter 1 screencast.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Maybe this tuorial helpfully to newbie, but I am so sorry about my mistake. So, if you have any question, just use disqus comment form.