What changed in my Web Log’s theme?

Hello all, it’s too long since I write something berfore. As you know, my blog has down for a moment, and you cannot access here.

Yesterday, I’ve setup my blog again and make some setting because I lost my blog app, and just save the original database. But, I’ve backup them before, so I just need to combine all to be a good app again.

This blog developed under WordPress, and running my own theme that I build from mnmlst style. If you were here before, you must know that the container was changed.

Yep, I make a little modification and clearing code to make the app run fastly and better. And also, why I change the container? You know, now I set the container 500px, its looks pretty right? Clear, exclusive, and it’s Sutriman right?

I just making the app is my self, so I don’t think so if some peoples say blog must full color, SEO and another mainstream layout. Because, the power is content you know. And, blog isnt the comersil website. Its personally, although it can bring in money.

Bad english? Yep, I see. I am still learning btw, so if you know what I mean, just enjoy it.


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