The story behind The Baddest-Programmer in 2k19

Who is the bad-programmer in 2k19? Until March, I think I am the best nomination to win this medal. Why? I’ll give you some story behind this heading, maybe you’ll donate for me buahaha.

Me… at Swiss-Belinn, Malang

Its all about laptop and OS. As you know, programmer without computer is like warior without his weapon. They’ll not doing war, if they do, maybe he will dead for a while. I said about the standard warior, and not talking about The Scorpion King, He don’t need the weapon, because He is the weapon buahaha right?

Back to the topic, I running on Lenovo core I5 2nd generation with 4GB of RAM. Its not high specification, but I think not too bad when I combine with Linux Xubuntu 18.04. Ubuntu and XFCE always be the best choice for working and doing some experiments.

Then, everything changed, when The Fire Nation attacked. Oh, not sure, don’t to be serious -_-. The, everything changed, when I think something happend with my laptop. It needs to reinstall the OS, but not for once time, until now, it happend I think 8 or 9 times for two month.

Calm calm calm, I keep it slowly and thinking positive. But, I think need more solutions than reinstalling the OS, becase for a latest 3 days, it need to reinstall everyday. After instalations completed, and configurations completed, then when I shutdown and start the session again, it gona be shutt-off. Baddd.

Reinstalling Linux Distro maybe not eating time to much, but to config the environment to the best setting to work it needs time. And I hate to doing that again and again and again.

Maybe I need to buy new weapon in next month 🙂

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