Trip to Bromo, beautifull sunrise that I can not forget

I wouldn’t write about this logs, but I recorded some videos and the video allready uploaded in my Youtube Channel. Or, you can watch my logs in Bromo bellow:

The story behind The Baddest-Programmer in 2k19

Who is the bad-programmer in 2k19? Until March, I think I am the best nomination to win this medal. Why? I’ll give you some story behind this heading, maybe you’ll donate for me buahaha. Its all about laptop and OS. As you know, programmer without computer is like warior without his weapon. They’ll not doing […]

What changed in my Web Log’s theme?

Hello all, it’s too long since I write something berfore. As you know, my blog has down for a moment, and you cannot access here. Yesterday, I’ve setup my blog again and make some setting because I lost my blog app, and just save the original database. But, I’ve backup them before, so I just […]

Curently Working as Programmer at BISKOM UAD

To be a profesional programmer we must learn and learn without standing outside from project. We also need to know newest technology that we need to build some good project. As we know, we can’t stay away from other IT geeks because will make we like a blind programmer. We can join at online or offline […]

Create New Blog with Sub Domain

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh I do not know, maybe I am so “ABABIL”. Maybe if you’re following my blogging journey from the outset would be shaking your head. From 2015 when it was using blogger, then switch to, then create multiple sub domains based on the topic, go back again to a single domain, and the […]