The story behind The Baddest-Programmer in 2k19

Who is the bad-programmer in 2k19? Until March, I think I am the best nomination to win this medal. Why? I’ll give you some story behind this heading, maybe you’ll donate for me buahaha. Its all about laptop and OS. As you know, programmer without computer is like warior without his weapon. They’ll not doing […]

Greged! Backup failed without notification, and I lost some table

Damen! Everiday I am not go to bed, because still do my project for have an graduation. But something not good happend today. It coming because I want to migrate from Arch Linux to Windows 7. I do web apps called ” Sistem Informasi Pembayaran Biaya Pendidikan (SIPBP)” build with CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap. Actualy […]