Something like a lucky in the end of year

December is going fastly. I feels like a yesterday december coming, but now it’s a middle of December. December this year came with some lucky for me, but a lucky not always means we can eat a cake without doing something.

This month is fully project. First, I have a project that has been done in early 2017 with BPBD Kabupaten Magelang, then now, they calling me again, to improve the project. I’ve build a Disaster Information System for Kabupaten Magelang, then now we make a team to improve it, we add some spatial feature to this system. Not too big change, but i like it seriously.

Then, Databases Information System for Muhammadiyah organization. It must be clear in one month. Others, I also do some work and other project in my office. Oh, it’s so fully month right?

I hope all of my responsibility will be clear correctly and my skill can help others to better life.

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