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I think it’s so absurd. In past, when my friends learn Android, I have no reason to do that. Java is one of harder language to learn, and some peoples make it as favorite language cause it can run in multi platform. As you know, if you build apps using Java, it mighbe able to run in anything platform.

I regret not learning Android before. Now, it was the famous platform with the millions users arround the world. The last few days, I try to install Android Studio, and look out the documentation. I searching on Internet all about this platform. I still not understand.


The developers of Android Studio in the official website suggest to start learning using Udacity. I trying to open the link, and register as a new member of Udacity. I got some free course for 7 days. Though I can not learn serriously with that, I have some prologue to understand how android works, and a little bit about how to working on Android Studio.

Then, friend told me about MVP (Model View Presenter) framework on Android. What? As a web developer running with MVC framework before, I didn’t know if there is available framework in Android development. I was wrong.

I remember when I learned building web apps, I find it difficult to learn PHP but when I start to building project and use CodeIgniter as framework, I can see it easily. Some peoples think better learn bottom up, step by step from bottom to up of the step, and others think better to learn from up and slowly know how the bottom work.

I don’t care! I just think I can understand it and I can do it!

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