How to create Linux Pendrive or USB Installer Easily

Hello world! Today i’ll make all changes for my ASUS X200ca from Windows to Linux. My special linux distribution is Kali Linux. Why? I’ll share about this sometimes maybe. Ok, the point is I’ll install my notebook to Kali Linux, and to do this I need some linux pendrive installer. How to create or make usb installer for linux distribution? I’ll share in this article.
First of all, we need software for create the pendrive installer. I choose Universall USB Installer, beacuse is verry fast and serously compatible for Kali distribution.
You can download the Universal USB installer, here.

After the software has been downloaded, open it and click I agree.
Next step, you must:

  • Select your distribution type, I choose Kali Linux.
  • Open your Linux.iso by click browse button.
  • Choose your pendrive.
  • And click create!

Wait until the iso file extracted, close the extraction process and after that the process will be continue. 

Wait until the process done,close the process and now we have Linux Pendrive installer now!

I’am Sutriman, Happy Linux 🙂

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