How about my MySQL Workbench Tutorial video?

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I’ve been try to publish tutorial series about MySQL Workbench, one of the best SQL Client that support for all of operating system and free to use. But, as I said before that peoples more comfortable working with unlicenced paid software. Then, the most popular search in Google is not about the alternative of that software, but how can we use the software without buy a licenses.

Video: MySQL Workbench Tutorial

After 2 weeks ago, this video just have a 30 viewers. It could be including me as a viewers. In my country, Indonesia, peoples feel uncomfortable with a little bit difficult. But, peoples also uncomfortable to donate the developer. So, what they need?

Not everyone like software piracy, but as you know friends, this is what happens in our country.

So, if no body interested with my tutorial about MySQL workbench, I not sure to continue the next series.

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