Greged! Backup failed without notification, and I lost some table

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Damen! Everiday I am not go to bed, because still do my project for have an graduation. But something not good happend today. It coming because I want to migrate from Arch Linux to Windows 7.

I do web apps called ” Sistem Informasi Pembayaran Biaya Pendidikan (SIPBP)” build with CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap. Actualy the building still in progress, but because I want to migrate I should to backup my data and do install Windows. BTW, I need to install Windows for write my paper report for my graduation. And I not comfortable to using WPS Office or Libre Office, I try to install Ms. Office alongside Linux using Wine and PlayOnLinux but not working yet.

So, back to the topic! My Apps build with MySQL as database language. I use SQLYog Comunity Edition in my Arch. I have backup the database using query dump, I think its work. But wait….

After I finished install and setup some configuration in my new OS, I’ll install my web apps. But, I have no query for table found when importing the database using phpmyadmin! Damen!


It’s not good! I lost the database! But, i already backup all package periodics in my directory and cloud. But, some newest backup is null! Its exported by SQLYog comunity. I think its the problem. I never stop to find my database on backup directory, and yeah, now is Jan 12 2017, and the stable and worked databases I have backup have a date on Dec 25 2017. Its not so far. Maybe!

Don’t be sad! Don’t worry! So, i have homework at night to synchronize my apps with database, and need more coffee to remember some history.

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NOTE: Don’t forget to backup your data before migration, and test it for sure! Don’t mirate without test your backup data #lol

I LOVE IT, Ganbatte!


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Dwi Nuryadi
Dwi Nuryadi
7 years ago

woahhhhh it’s so terrible when we not carefully…. i suggest use phpmyadmin for full backup … Ntapp

7 years ago
Reply to  Dwi Nuryadi

Yeah, I ussualy using PHPMyadmin before that. But, it’s just bad moment.