Curently Working as Programmer at BISKOM UAD

To be a profesional programmer we must learn and learn without standing outside from project. We also need to know newest technology that we need to build some good project. As we know, we can’t stay away from other IT geeks because will make we like a blind programmer.

We can join at online or offline forum or comunity to discuss many thinks about technology and solve how many bugs that we have. As long as you know, I am a freelancer that build some intermediatte project.  But, start from April 2017 I feel very happy, I have to learn at BISKOM: Biro Sistem Informasi dan Komunikasi (Information System and Comunication Department) Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta. I join there as web programmer, I think I’ll have and take my upgradable skill there. As you know, at this place I’ll find some experts people on IT.

I hope there is my way to learn more and more about technology, and about life. This is my first experience after I have finish my study. Actualy, I’ll take my graduation at August, 5 2017, but thats so amazing I have my first experience as profesional worker before my ceremonial graduation.


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