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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

I do not know, maybe I am so “ABABIL”. Maybe if you’re following my blogging journey from the outset would be shaking your head. From 2015 when it was using blogger, then switch to, then create multiple sub domains based on the topic, go back again to a single domain, and the last one, single domain with CodeIgniter engine.

blog sutriman

Actually, originally used to want to be separated by topic, so visitors easier and more concern to learn something. However, it seems  hassles of managing and impressed too complicated for me. After all, I created the blog is not for business or bring in a profit (even if it comes I am not refused), so yesterday I made my blog use CodeIgniter  Engine

It turned out that yesterday I became less productive writing. Well, first perhaps because I often work on several projects, and to make homemade blog posts are still a lot of shortcomings and complicated. I so do not focus on the content and sharing, even too exhausted in the management of its engine.

As a result, the ending now I decided to create sub domains, This blog will be my trash from a wide variety of topics, be it IT geeks, or merely logs of my life.Deliberately let in shambles, his name is also rubbish.

Based on WordPress

This blog use wordpress engine, intended to be more flexible. So I can focus on the content that is interesting and does not need “ribet”.

Less Theme

Minimalist wordpress theme called Less Theme based less by Jared Erickson  made me fall in love. Theme is very simple, very light, based less, and contain only very minimal index.php, style.css and function.php. I did a little modification, making it more homely. Hehe but at least no more has got character.

So, hopefully this can be more productive and be able to document my logs and notes.

Hope it will be the help you’re to find something new!

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullah


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