Menggunakan Multiple Checkbox di CodeIgniter

Menggunakan multiple checkbox di CodeIgniter memang gampang-gampang susah. Karena parsing value checkbox tidak menyertakan keseluruhan data, namun hanya data yang di check saja. Namun jangan khawatir, ada banyak cara untuk kita menggunakan multiple checkbox di CodeIgniter. Ada cara mudah, ada cara yang mungkin bagia sebagian orang mudah, bagi sebagian orang yang lain sulit. Pada artikel […]

Rendering dynamic multilevel menu in CodeIgniter

Hello, I’m Sutriman and I’ll share about web programming best practice, especially about dynamic multi menu and CodeIgniter Framework. As you know, CodeIgniter is one of the best PHP framework by EllisLab. There is so many library included in a package. In addition you can find too many library and helper in internet by thirdparty. […]

PHP cURL not allowed multidimentional array

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh In this case, I running on project at work, build the main portal project. The portal should use so many database from any host. We can’t build it ini one big systems, it’s not good for maintenance and the source sistem is available before. My department made Rest Api’s system to control […]

Tutorial: Using HighChart on CodeIgniter project without ajax

If we would like print some report on CodeIgniter, we can use view like tabels, and then print or export the report using pdf, word, or excel document. Looking for table in the report page is fine, but if you use chart to present your data, it’s look better and come alive. Many charts plugin are available to download. Highcharts, is […]

How to parse RSS feed from other website on PHP CodeIgniter

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah… Today I’ll share about something simplicity but sometimes it’s make newbies slowdown the project. If we work with multiple website where its have some corelation, sometimes we need to parse news feed from another site. We have RSS and Atom. RSS read an xml document and today I’ll not show you how to build […]

Tutorial: How to Build Website use CodeIgniter and Bootstrap

This page is backup to my old logs tutorial about ” Tutorial Membuat Website dengan CodeIgniter dan Bootstrap Lengkap“. This is video screencast tutorial series, and after chapter 5, I have lost my data and this series discontinued. But don’t worry, I always share anything I know. Before begin, I assumed you know a little […]

How to set Indonesian date using PHP?

We need date format for our report, or check to customer, or something. Any legal documents need to show with date included. In my country, Indonesia, the date format have a little different with other. Format and spelling have some unique to other country. I run using PHP Framework called CodeIgniter. So, I’ll tell you how to set […]

Greged! Backup failed without notification, and I lost some table

Damen! Everiday I am not go to bed, because still do my project for have an graduation. But something not good happend today. It coming because I want to migrate from Arch Linux to Windows 7. I do web apps called ” Sistem Informasi Pembayaran Biaya Pendidikan (SIPBP)” build with CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap. Actualy […]

Cara membuat komentar artikel / blog di Code Igniter

Bismillah….Kali ini saya akan berbagi tentang bagaimana cara membuat komentar artikel. Biasanya digunakan untuk menu blog, atau artikel-artikel yang memerlukan komentar. Logika membuat komentar di Code Igniter Saya rasa anda sudah paham, kalau dalam programming jika terjdi kesalahan itu hanya ada dua macam, yaitu kesalahan syntak atau kesalahan logika. Karena itu sebelum kita membahas syntak, […]