Berbahagialah jiwa-jiwa yang lemah

Jiwa yang lemah, bukan berarti mereka yang mudah menaruh rasa dan mudah tertarik. Terkadang, kita merasa tertekan dengan keadaan itu. Namun, sebagian orang mengira itu adalah hal buruk yang tidak seharusnya dimiliki oleh setiap orang. Think! Sebenarnya itu boleh-boleh aja, selagi benar dalam menempatkannya. Ketertarikan itu tidak melulu permasalahan hati antara laki-laki dan perempuan. Perasaan […]

JavaScript: Show more & Show less

Sometimes we need to show the excerpt of contents ’cause we have limited space to show full of text. And, sometimes we need it to keep the UI looks more simply. As you know, Youtube also use this method to less the data view. Image: Youtube description less view Image: Youtube description less view We […]

JavaScript: Show more & Show less

PHP cURL not allowed multidimentional array

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh In this case, I running on project at work, build the main portal project. The portal should use so many database from any host. We can’t build it ini one big systems, it’s not good for maintenance and the source sistem is available before. My department made Rest Api’s system to control […]

Bad English? I don’t care

Hii there, now I walk out from programming case, and just share about how I use English for this blog, although my english is very ugly,and not so good, or you can say it’s bad. I don’t care guys. I use blog to improve my ability, to build up my skills, and English is one of them. […]

Two Types of How Programmers Learn Something

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.. How many peoples are working as programmers, they have different way to learn something to improve and build up their skills. I’ve cluster it to “Two Types of How Programmers Learn Something“. Whats is it? Here is, I’ll describe and I’m sorry if you’ll not find this theory from another resources, its just in my […]