Run MySQL XAMPP via XAMPP Shell (MySQL Shutdown Solution)

Seperti hal sederhana tapi penting dan susah dicari, gimana cara nge run MySQL yang dari XAMPP tapi via shell? Bisa? Bisa, saya udah biasa melakukan dari dulu kalau pas MySQLnya kumat shutdown unexpectedly. Tak kira sampeyan-sampeyan juga sudah sering menemukan hal semacam ini, dan ketika kita googling buat mencari solusi, selalu ada solusi ini itu […]

Search or Filter Column Name in MySQL

When we have a big database with too much column, its hard to find some column when we need it to create query or just to identifying the table. Even we just DESC table query, its nont enough because still to hard to find what we need if we have too much table. Then, how […]

#notes Query simple hitung umur MySQL

SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, ‘1984-05-01’, CURDATE()) AS umur from nama_table;

Menambah kolom di MySQL table dengan not null dan default value #queryNotes

Contoh query: ALTER TABLE nama_tabel ADD kolom_baru SMALLINT(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;

How to fix if can’t access MySQL without SUDO?

Its happend recently after I reinstall my OS and development environment. But, I’ve fix this after search some references from many source. Now, I’ll write here so when sometimes I forgot the way, I can read this, but it’s more better if its also can help for you. Its always denied if we run the […]

Magic query for table operation in SQL

Sometimes, we feel very annoyed where doing job in database management. Building apps without good database is like building a skyscraper without cement. It’s imposible, actually, although it’s posible but it’s harder to do that. Well, we agree if database is so important to building apps. If we understand that, we can be more carefull […]