How to fix if can’t access MySQL without SUDO?

Its happend recently after I reinstall my OS and development environment. But, I’ve fix this after search some references from many source. Now, I’ll write here so when sometimes I forgot the way, I can read this, but it’s more better if its also can help for you. Its always denied if we run the […]

Magic query for table operation in SQL

Sometimes, we feel very annoyed where doing job in database management. Building apps without good database is like building a skyscraper without cement. It’s imposible, actually, although it’s posible but it’s harder to do that. Well, we agree if database is so important to building apps. If we understand that, we can be more carefull […]


TUGAS PENGGANTI KULIAH 27/5/2015 – 4NF NAMA : ——– NIM : 1315016058 The relation shown in Figure 14.11 lists members of staff ( staffName ) working in a given ward ( wardName ) and patients ( patientName ) allocated to a given ward. There is no relationship between members of staff and patients in each […]


Tugas_Basis Data: Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF) Tabel terlampir menunjukkan contoh data daftar rencana kunjungan dokter gigi dengan pasiennya. Seorang pasien mendapatkan jadwal (tanggal dan waktu) kunjungan dokter di suatu klinik tertentu. Pada setiap hari jadwal kunjungan pasien, seorang dokter gigi dijadwalkan untuk melayani di klinik tersebut. 1/ tabel tersebut berpotensi terjadi anomali. tunjukkan dengan contoh […]


Normalisasi Form untuk pasien seperti di bawah ini : 1. Identifikasi dependensi fungsional atribut-atribut pada formulir patientNo → fullName wardNo → wardName drugNo → name, description, dosage, methodOfAdmin patientNo, drugNo, startDate → unitsPerDay, finishDate 2. Normalisasi – SatuNF (1NF) tabelPasien Rawat Inap dan Obat: patientNo, drugNo, startDate, fullName, wardNo, wardName, bedNo, name, description, dosage, methodOfAdmin, […]